Molly Rankin

Molly Rankin, who lives in Auckland, New Zealand, is the author of I Heard Singing and No Chance to Panic.

A Triumvirate—Christ, the Minister, and the Minister's Wife

WHEN I was in Holland some years ago I was intrigued to see young courting couples riding along side by side, each on a separate bicycle, but arm in arm--one hand on the outside handle bar and the other around each other's shoulders. Somehow it reminded me of the experience of the happy ministerial husband-and-wife team. . .

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This is Life!

NO ONE—not even a tightrope walker, whom I would think knows all about exciting experiences—could say that life in the mission field is dull. . .

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Shepherdess: Pastors' kids are different!

Human nature urges one to conform, to be part of the crowd. Parents of PKs would do well to capitalize on the advantages of being different while keeping the liabilities in proper perspective.

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