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Drexel C. Rankin

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Articles by Drexel C. Rankin

Interim ministry: What it is, what it can accomplish (November 2015)

Bridging the gap between pastorates for a congregation is more than a short-term assignment. It is a specialized calling filled with blessings for the church members.

Preparing the funeral (September 2005)

Creating a personal information base for use in funeral preparation and how to use that resource

Renewal time: planning your sabbatical (May 2007)

Timely counsel for pastors to "come away by yourselves… and rest a while."

Talking about death: helping your members make final decisions (May 2006)

Talking about death with your family members can ease their burdens later.

Welcoming and retaining your visitors (November 2009)

An experienced pastor shares five steps to creating an atmosphere for first-time guests to his church. They'll work in your church too.
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