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Reuben R. Figuhr

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Articles by Reuben R. Figuhr

Unfeigned Faith (July 1956)

This talk, given at the morning worship hour during the 1956 Spring Council, seems particularly appropriate for this special issue on pastoral work.

Why Men Come (August 1956)

Why do men seek Christ?

Spirit-directed Administrators (October 1957)

Seventh-day Adventist leaders must be spirit­ual men. No one can succeed or make a contribution of any value to the church who is not Spirit directed. Talents, expe­rience, enthusiasm, hard work, and even education are valueless unless through them all there is the breath of heaven.

"A Sound From Heaven" (June 1957)

Summary of talk given by R. R. Figuhr at opening of 1957 Spring Council.

Health and Happiness (February 1957)

Is there a connection? What is it?

The Minister (October 1958)

Preaching is no mere profession. But what is it?

Spirituality the Prime Requisite (April 1958)

Every worker in the cause of God, irrespective of the place or position he occupies, must recognize the spiritual implications of his calling. Therefore, in selecting workers, spirituality is the prime requisite.

Questions on Doctrine (January 1958)

Does this new book represent the work of one man or the combined work of a large representative body?

The Seventh-day Adventist Educational Emphasis (December 1959)

Commencement address, Potomac University, Sligo church, August 13, 1959.

Features (September 1954)

They spoke for God, and the people recognized that they were heralds of a divine message.

Loyalty (January 1965)

Highlights from the 1964 biennial autumn council.

A Fruitful Field Often Neglected (December 1961)

The names of interested people were sent to pastors and evangelists in 1960 by the Voice of Prophecy and Faith for Today. According to re­ports, of these 12,368 only 5,027 were visited in the fields.

One Lone Voice (August 1961)

One man, possessed of the spirit of John the Baptist, can do effective evangelism today. Much of our work of soul winning is done by single individuals. It probably is not overstating it to say that around the world the majority of new members are won in small efforts, some very small.

Evangelism the chief role of the church (September 1960)

WITHIN the soul of the Seventh-day Adventist Church there must ever remain a living spirit of aggressive evangelism. This is not a department of the church, nor just one of its lines of activity. It is the task of the church and its main line.

FEATURES: Concentrating All on the Ministry (March 1952)

Truthfully they said, "Behold, we have forsaken all, and followed thee."

FEATURES: Spiritual Dangers (September 1951)

The spiritual dangers we will face in our lives

Contentment (March 1955)

The monthly shepherdess column.
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