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Reuben W. Engstrom

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Articles by Reuben W. Engstrom

Evangelism (July 1953)

A "Quick Work" in Evangelism

Ministerial Ethics (March 1966)

Of all men, we min­isters should preserve unblemished ethics.

EVANGELISTIC OBJECTIVES AND TECHNIQUES: Multipurpose Evangelistic Cards (May 1950)

"Our fellow evangelists may be interested in a card used in our last campaign."

Some Pulpits I have Known (December 1963)

Some of the pulpits I have known through the years are quite unforgettable. There was the crude pulpit, the promotion-filled pulpit, the high and lofty pulpit, and the modernistic pulpit.

Ten Times to Call the Minister or an Elder (April 1962)

At our recent elders' coun­cil, we spent much time discussing ways in which we as ministers and local elders can be of greater help to our people.

The Temple of Truth (March 1949)

The Temple of Truth is a device used by our evangelistic group in Portland to pre­sent the Advent message more convinc­ingly. The public's response was so favorable that we thought our fellow workers might de­sire to share it with us, adapting it to suit the personal approach.
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