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George E. Rice

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Articles by George E. Rice

“My God, My God!”: On the mystery of the Incarnation (March 2011)

The subject of the Incarnation will be studied by the redeemed through eternity.

Biblical Archeology (October 1979)

Do similarities between this document and early church teachings mean the church borrowed from Qumran?

Baptism in the Early Church (March 1981)

The archeological evidence overwhelmingly testifies to immersion as the usual mode of baptism during the first ten to fourteen centuries.

Baptism: union with Christ (May 1982)

This We Believe——8

How to write a Bible (August 1986)

Why did Matthew, Mark, and Luke present the beginning of Jesus' Galilean ministry in different ways? Do variations in their accounts of Jesus' life provide grounds for doubting their inspiration?

How to write a Bible (June 1986)

Was all Scripture inspired by means of dreams and visions? Can the writers of the biblical books be considered authors and theologians in their own right? Did some of their material come from their own research?

The church: voice of God? (December 1987)

What did Ellen White mean when she declared that the General Conference was no longer the voice of God on earth?

Within which veil? (June 1987)

Hebrews 6:19, 20 says that Jesus entered within the veil as a forerunner on our behalf. But which veil?

Corporate repentance (February 1988)

Do church leaders today need to repent for the sins of their predecessors? Does the church as a whole need to repent for what happened in 1888?

Breaking Bread and the Sabbath (October 1997)

Does Acts 20:7 contain the seeds for changing the day of worship from Sabbath to Sunday?

Revival and renewal in the north american church (February 1999)

A plan to bring about what the church most needs

Prayer: A leader's point of view (August 2000)

Interview covering aspects of the North American Division Spiritual Emphasis Committee initiative

The covenants and righteousness by faith (May 2007)

Which covenant did Jesus, as a Man, live under? The universal covenant? Or the new covenant?
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