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Richard Lewis

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Articles by Richard Lewis

Practical Pointers on Public Prayer (October 1946)

A symposium on public prayers by three of our workers.

The Conduct of the Sabbath School (August 1948)

So you are going to conduct the Sabbath school! Help for what to do.

The Church Business Meeting (October 1948)

A church business meeting differs from the typical parliamentary session of a sec­ular group in which Robert's Rules of Order sets the pattern of procedure.

Differentiate Between Sacred and Secular (May 1948)

The subject of music for church is an old yet ever new topic, and one on which complete agreement can scarcely be expected. In the hope of contributing to peace and unity, we offer a few analytic suggestions.

The Mind of the Minister (November 1949)

Great leaders of men have invariably been men of great intellect.

THE PULPIT AND THE STUDY: The Illusion of Reality (November 1950)

"If you would preach effectively, learn the technique of thinking, achieve the illusion of reality, and present your material with dramatic vividness."

Visualize the One-man Audience (January 1945)

Are you planning a series of radio broadcasts?
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