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H.M.S. Richards

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Articles by H.M.S. Richards

The Editor Interviews H.M.S. Richards (April)

“The Bible, Ellen White, preaching—and me.” A second chance to read about a first-hand, first class relationship.

The Association Forum (April 1928)

A round table discussion on city evangelism.

A More Effectual Ministry (July 1938)

Sound counsel from seasoned evangelists.

The Evangelist and Music (December 1939)

We need to recognize the place of the consecrated musical evangelist.

Noah's Message Our Prototype (December 1942)

Address before Deluge Geology Society, Los Angeles, April, 1942.

Coming Changes in Radio (December 1946)

From a chapel talk at the Theological Seminary.

Determining Factors in Our Broadcasting (July 1946)

From a chapel talk at the Theological Seminary.

If You Must Talk—Whisper! (April 1947)

Communication between ministers on the platform.

These Two! (April 1956)

Exploring the seldom used text of Ruth 4:11.

Keep Preaching (March 1956)

I believe in a system of continuous evangelism in the big cities.

What Is Preaching? (September 1957)

This is the first in the series of nine lectures by the Voice of Proph­ecy speaker, delivered in the H. M. S. Richards Lectureship on Preaching, Washington Missionary College, May 12, 1957.

A Word to Fellow Workers (July 1962)

We here at the Voice of Prophecy wish to express our appreciation to all our workers for their cooperation and support so freely given in our efforts to broadcast the gospel message and to carry on the Bible correspondence schools connected with our program.

Radio Bible Marking in Georgia (March 1964)

A follow-up to the soul-winning thrust in Georgia.

Dark Counties Lightened by Daily Broadcasts (June 1965)

How daily broadcasts on the air over the local stations for at least twelve months results in a more effective follow-up crusade and more definite interests.

Tips to "Fisherman" (October 1967)

Preaching with urgency and immediacy.

The Local Broadcast (May 1969)

A LEADING Methodist Church official in Indiana declared a year or so ago that the Methodist Church in North America needed about three thousand new ministers every year, but that only a little more than a thousand were leaving the seminaries each year to take positions in the church, and that out of this number some six hundred asked for clerical jobs or some sort of work that did not entail preaching. Hundreds of churches every year must go without pastors, and the number is increasing daily. . .

The Editor Interviews H. M. S. Richards (October 1976)

What the Spirit of Prophecy has meant in his life.

The Voice of Prophecy and You (October 1970)

Over the years, as the broadcast has built up a witness in hundreds of cities and tens of thousands of homes across America, we have always tried to do more than just teach the facts of the gospel to our listeners. Through our field service department we have, for years, referred the names of interested people who have completed enough phases of doctrinal study through the correspondence courses to local pastors. . .

An interview with H.M.S. Richards (April 1989)

This interview, conducted in the spring of 1979, reveals Richards' thinking on evangelism and preaching.

The Company Form of Evangelism (Symposium) (April 1941)

Efficient Evangelistic Methods and Pastoral Technique.

I Mark My Books (February 1940)

Books are the tools of my profession. But before I feel perfectly at home with them, they need to be edged or balanced to fit my hand. That is why I like to mark my books.

The Evangelist's Relationships (October 1937)

As one of the fundamentals of successful work, the evangelist must always remem­ber that the conference president is his best friend.

Topic No. 1--The Meeting Place (April 1935)

Introductory Presentation by H.M.S. Richards

Topic No. 5--The Daily Program (July 1935)

Workers' Meetings and Division of Responsibility.

Order of Subjects Followed by H.M.S. Richards (April 1934)

A sample of his advertising material.

Our Tabernacle of the Air (June 1934)

We have now been on the air for four months with the Adventist Hour and "Tabernacle of the Air."
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