W. H. Roberts, M.D.

W. H. Roberts, M.D., is professor of anatomy in the Loma Linda University School of Medicine. Prior to joining the LLU faculty, he was resident physician at Rest Haven Hospital and Sanitarium in British Columbia, Canada. He has taken post-doctoral work at the White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles and at Edinburgh University in Scotland.

Your Wonderful Body--The Lungs

WHEN the Bible uses the term breath of life it is not just using a figure of speech. From earliest times men have known that breathing is connected with life. Only in the recent history of man, however, have we really be gun to understand the details of how vital breath really is to life, and specifically how the breathing mechanism of the body functions. The Adventist worker who must participate in such health evangelism activities as Five-Day Plans to Stop Smoking certainly needs to understand the breathing mechanism and its function.

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