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Roger Altman

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Articles by Roger Altman

Ministers I Have Heard (January 1938)

There were four main classes of preachers: the long-winded, the dry, the concise, and the interesting.

Difficult Days for Missions (March 1942)

Meeting the demands of the task ahead.

World Missions Outlook Brightens (August 1942)

Is their a revival of missions in our day?

Mission Problem of Illiteracy (May 1942)

Illiteracy is one of the greatest problems that face foreign missions.

Critical Hour for World-Wide Missions (January 1942)

A survey of mission problems, methods, and relationships. Is the mission passion on the wane?

Speak the Word of Courage (March 1941)

To the one who is sick, perhaps forced to return from work in a mission land, noth­ing comes much easier than thoughts of dis­couragement and gloom.
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