Bill Rorick

Bill Rorick is a director of the Christian Republic Foundation, and is presently pursuing graduate work in theology and economics at Yale University. The Christian Republic Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to showing the relationship between creationism and the preservation of liberty. Their address is: 21 Middle Road, Hamden Branch, New Haven, Connecticut 06514.

Jethro-Management Consultant

3,500-Year-Old Advice Still Pertinent

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Sabbathkeeping, Patriotism, and National Ruin

CITIZENS of the United States have realized some distinct and unique advantages in living and participating in a country that has enjoyed a special relationship with the great God of heaven and earth. It must be admitted, of course, that this relationship has been unbalanced and one-sided, but in spite of national coldness and unresponsiveness to the divine wooings, the blessings and providences of Heaven have been signal and abundant. . .

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