Glenn Rosendahl

Glenn Rosendahl, M.D., is a physician in private practice in Kelowna, British Columbia.

"I Believe" The Confession of an Adventist Doctor

FOR years I have asked my self, "What is the reality, the purpose in my religion? What is the nature of salvation?" At last I am beginning to get a concept that satisfies me, that unites my knowledge of medicine with my experience of God. Each is striving to achieve "the whole man." Medicine can analyze the problems—physical, surgical, and psychiatric—that cause man's frustration in his attempts to achieve "integrity"; but lacks the motivating power necessary to persuade man to make the necessary changes. . .

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"Why" Leads to the "How" in Health Evangelism

HEALTH evangelism is ordinarily discussed either in the light of the philosophical the "why," or the methodological the "how." In this article, however, I demonstrate that the "why," when clearly perceived, naturally points the way to the "how."

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Faith Works

What is the mistake that has been made in our understanding of faith and works?

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