A.A. Roth

Reviewed by A. A. Roth, Geoscience Research Institute, Loma Linda, California.

Science and Religion: How Scientific is Evolution?

Some basic assumptions of the evolutionary theory are now seen as examples of circular logic.

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Bones of Contention: Controversies in the Search for Human Origins

This insightful volume should be read by anyone interested in the human dimensions of science.

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Creation, evolution, or other views?

The choice is not merely God or nature. Between divine creation and naturalistic evolution lie a number of intermediate positions that attempt to bring about some accommodation. Is this possible? The author summarizes these positions and their implications for both science and Scripture.

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Evidences for a worldwide flood

Some of the data in the rocks pose problems for one who believes in a literal worldwide flood such as described in Genesis. Such problems need to be recognized. Yet the rocks also present a number of difficulties to the one who believes a worldwide flood never happened. In fact, some features can hardly be explained apart from a water catastrophe of a magnitude greater than anything experienced in modern times.

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Creation, a pillar of the faith

The Called Church series has been designed to highlight some of the unique aspects of Seventh-day Adventist theology and to demonstrate how each position is faithful to Scripture. Many churches incorporate creationism into their teachings, but few are the churches that still hold to a literal creation occupying six twenty-four-hour days. The author, who is an accomplished scientist, explains why creationism is still fundamental to Adventism.

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