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Loren Seibold

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Articles by Loren Seibold

The Tyranny of the Weaker Brother (November 2012)

Must we restrict our freedom for the sake of others?

Get Back to the Basics. Be Jesus to Someone! (September 2011)

A colleague stopped by my office not long ago. We see one another seldom enough that we make the most of each opportunity for conversation. On this occasion, we got on to the subject of our families. He told me about his brother, a successful corporate executive. “When I’m with him,” he said, “I sometimes think I would have been better off doing something like he did. I wouldn’t be so frustrated now.”. . .

Growth and the small-town church (June 1987)

Is it possible for a church to grow in a small town where die people already know as much as they want to know about the church? How can you turn the small-town handicap into church growth?

Small town, small church (January 1990)

When you accommodate your needs, you can make small-town small-church ministry a satisfying, growth-enhancing experience.

Annie (September 1996)

Finding a place in the congregation

But for the grace of God (May 1996)

The poor you have always... at the church door.

"First, you must do no harm" (November 1998)

An essential secret for effective ministry

We're still here (September 1997)

An illuminating view of the plusses of life and ministry in smaller congregations

Africa's Roots in God: The Knowledge of the Creator Embedded in the Indigenous African Culture (November 2009)

Sednak Yankson has traced astonishing connections between the Old Testament and the indigenous religious practices of West Africa.

The big positive purpose (May 2009)

Understanding your congregation is critical in sermon preparation.

Children are Church Members Too! (March 2000)

The pastor's relationship to children

9/11/2002: Preaching to anxious times (August 2002)

How a pastor can be more effective in addressing heightened anxiety in the congregation.

The best pastor I know (January 2008)

In a society that lauds the large-church pastor, you will read a tribute to small-church pastors who fulfill their duties with equal fidelity.

In defense of ritual (April 2007)

Three reasons why rituals should be a part of church traditions and practices.
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