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William H. Shea

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Articles by William H. Shea

Where is Noah's Ark? (May 1975)

PUBLIC INTEREST in the search for Noah's ark continues to swell in spite of the fact that a number of expeditions to the traditional Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey have been unsuccessful in locating it. Symptomatic of such interest is the number of books on the subject rolling off the presses. . .

The Screen Search for Noah's Ark (October 1977)

The monthly biblical archeology column

Biblical Archeology (September 1979)

Who was the "saviour" of Israel referred to in 2 Kings 13:5?

Biblical Archeology (November 1979)

Ministry previews soon-to-be-published findings illuminating the world of the patriarchs.

Biblical Archeology (July 1979)

The Bible and the Black Obelisk. This unusual artifact shows the only known portrayal specifically identified as a Hebrew king.

Biblical Archeology (May 1979)

Ahab and the Battle at Qarqar. History and archeology team up to bring to light an incident not discussed in the Bible.

One Invasion or two? (March 1980)

Two recently joined fragments of an Assyrian tablet indicate a 13-year gap between verses 16 and 17 of 2 Kings 18.

Assyria's End (May 1980)

Contacts between Israel and Assyria during its last century illuminate the Scripture record.

The Last Years of Samaria (January 1980)

Archeology chronicles the decline of an ancient people and sheds additional light on the historical records of Scripture.

Esther and history—2 (September 1982)

The historian cannot prove beyond all doubt the accuracy of the Bible's account of Esther, but when the known historical data is compared with the Inspired Record, the results are in every case compatible.

Ancient ostracon records ark's wanderings (July 1991)

The Izbet Sartah ostracon may be the earliest extrabiblical source that names a biblical personality and supplements the Bible's account of a historical event.

How shall we understand the Bible? (March 1996)

An examination of historical-critical and historicogrammatical method

O God, how great are Your works! (July/August 1995)

The psalmist's poetic tribute to God's creative power and His Sabbath

Heaven's Lifestyle Today (May 1997)

Various aspects health are deftly interwoven with the messages of the three angels of Revelation 14.

Experiencing the Power of the Word (September 1999)

How the Bible has changed the lives of many people.

Cosmic signs through history (February 1999)

More on the relevance of cosmic signs in today's situation

Esther and history—1 (July 1982)

Jewish rabbis and early Church Fathers debated whether the book of Esther should be included in the canon of Scripture. Today we are faced with a historical question: Did the events described in Esther really occur?
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