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Dunbar W. Smith

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Articles by Dunbar W. Smith

Have You Heard of the Medical Missionaries in New York? (June 1972)

MEDICAL missionary work holds the key to the preparation for the final harvest. The devil has tried to discredit this ministry by associating almost every type of fanaticism and heretical offshoot with it. . .

Medical Evangelism for Ministerial Workers (March 1955)

All gospel workers' should have some medical training.

Medical Ministry in the Trans-Africa Division (May 1974)

THE recommendation of the 1969 Fall Council "to encourage the development of career employment for Seventh-day Adventist physicians and dentists including appointments as ... clinicians in conference operated clinics" is being implemented in the Trans-Africa Division. . .

Sanctification and Health Reform (July 1966)

The monthly medical ministry column

The Adventist Physician--A Minister (February 1970)

THE Seventh-day Adventist Church in America has among its membership a relatively high ratio of physicians—about one in a hundred—seven times greater than in the country in general. . .

Waldensian Medical Missionaries (February 1974)

THE WALDENSES are among our spiritual forebears. They constitute a link between the early Christian church and the churches of the Reformation. They were the seed of the woman, the church in the wilderness, that fled from the wrath of the dragon who cast water out of his mouth to carry them all away, as depicted in the twelfth chapter of the book of Revelation. . .

Why a Seventh-day Adventist Medical Work? (February 1964)

A devotional given at the Seventh-day Adventist Hospital Administrators' Council, Berkshire Camp, Wingdale, New York
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