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Ranko Stefanovic

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Articles by Ranko Stefanovic

Jonah: A preacher God wanted to save—a city God wanted to reach (September 2018)

The lost in the city are, and have always been, God’s children. If only God’s church can grasp that.

The book of Revelation: Guidelines for responsible and meaningful preaching (September)

Preaching from Revelation is about more than newspaper headlines or beasts. It is about Jesus Christ and the promised blessing no pastor can afford to miss.

The Seven Heads of the Beast in Revelation 17 (December 2013)

Join the author in a closer look at Revelation 17 in an effort to discover the meaning that God intended for this enigmatic passage.

The second coming of Christ (December 2004)

A review of the crucial twenty-fourth article of Seventh-day Adventist faith.
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