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T. R. Flaiz

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Articles by T. R. Flaiz

Learning From Others (July 1938)

Would you like to glean the very best from the experience of other foreign mission societies, working by our side in every land?

White Memorial Dispensary (August 1939)

The reason for the establishment of this institution was to provide clinical contacts for stu­dents of medicine.

Realizing on Our Investments (March 1939)

A survey of our unused resources and our unguided man-power assets.

Selection of Medical Missionaries (May 1943)

E. Let us correct some wrong impressions in the selection of medical missionaries.

Medical Prospects in India (September 1946)

The conclusion to our two-part series.

The Bangkok Sanitarium (July 1948)

The spirit of prophecy gives a number of criteria which will characterize the ideal medical institution. All Seventh-day Adventist sanitariums and hospitals are founded with these ideals in mind.

World Mission Conference (March 1949)

A report from the Annual World Missions Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

"None Other Name Under Heaven" (October 1958)

Are we failing to put proper religious emphases in the lives of our children?

Features (July 1954)

Those Worthy Objectives. The Medical Worker on the Gospel Team. The Medical Missionary Church Tell Them Now! Home Missionary Doctors.

Analysis of Adventist Health Emphasis: Concluded (June 1962)

Adventist health emphasis originated at times in counsel to specific individuals or insti­tutions to meet or correct certain conditions or errors in that time and place. At other times the. counsel was of a general nature with general application. These facts should be borne in mind in any study or application of Spirit of Prophecy counsel.

Presenting the Gospel Through Medical Ministry (February 1961)

As we come into increasingly troubled and uncertain times and as tragedy on a large scale becomes the world's way of life, the person qualified to minister to suffer­ing, in tenderness and Christian love, will in a special sense be walking in the foot­steps of the Great Physician.
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