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R. W. Taylor

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Articles by R. W. Taylor

Easygoing Eli (March 1974)

AS A priest and judge of Israel, Eli held the highest and most responsible position among the people of God. He had the spirit of the average thinking person and he loved peace. Since being exalted to the office of high priest, as many would say today, "he had arrived." His was the highest position in the land. He could say, "I'll eat, drink, and enjoy the advantages I have. The eyes of all Israel are on me. I am their leader. I give the orders. What I do is all right. My children are the children of the high priest. Let them be the leaders of other children. Let them speak and let other children look up to them. The nation wants it that way. They want us to lead them."

Tail on the Donkey or Entering Wedge? (November 1971)

WATCHING blindfolded children trying to pin the tail in the appropriate place on a cardboard donkey can be rather amusing, but watching a befuddled evangelist trying to find the right place to pin the temperance message in his series, before his candidates are ready for baptism, is not so funny. . .
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