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Taylor G. Bunch

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Articles by Taylor G. Bunch

Parallel Movements (Concluded) (November 1929)

Our continued look at the parallels between ancient Israel and the advent movement.

Parallel Movements — No. 1 (October 1929)

According to the scripture re­corded in 1 Corinthians 10: 1-12, the experiences of ancient Israel under the exodus movement were a type of the experience of modern Israel un­der the advent movement.

The Association Forum (August 1929)

A round table discussion on efficient methods

" A Little Folly " (July 1929)

The reputation for wis­dom and honor built up by years of diligent study, earnest prayer, and exemplary conduct, may suddenly become obnoxious because " a little folly " is allowed to drop into the spiritual ointment of the divine apothe­cary.

Giving Our Specific Message to the World (February 1937)

A symposial discussion from June 5, 1936 in San Francisco

Ministering to a Sick World (August 1943)

How do we minister to a sick, dark, pessimistic world?

Are Scripture Readings Out of Date? (May 1943)

Is this a practice a worthy custom?

What Is the Worth of Man? (February 1944)

The question, "What is man, that Thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that Thou visitest him?" is one that has come down to us out of the distant past and has been asked from time immemorial.

Reaching Ministers of Other Denominations (December 1944)

A symposium at a Michigan Conference workers' meeting

Diligent Sowing Brings Bountiful Harvest (May 1945)

Efficient Evangelistic Methods and Pastoral Technique.

Prayer in the Public Service (October 1946)

Prayer is an important part of every public service.

The Successful Prayer Meeting (March 1947)

A symposium in three parts.

Office and Work of the Holy Spirit (November 1948)

A look at the doctrine of the Third Person of the Godhead.

The Minister's Qualifications (July 1948)

Here are seven characteristics or qualifications that are essential to success in the ministry, and seven is the Biblical number of completeness and perfection.

God's Greatest Gift to the Church (October 1948)

A look at the office and work of the Holy Spirit

The Ideal Minister (September 1948)

Jesus was the ideal minister. He was the master preacher. Those who proclaim the gospel "in His name" and "in His stead" should ever follow the example of the incomparable Man of men.

The Pastor-Evangelist, a Spiritual Shepherd (April 1948)

The word pastor comes from the same root as "pasture"; and an evangelist is one who proclaims the "evangel" or gospel. The true pastor-evangelist is the spiritual shepherd who leads the flock of God into the green pastures of His Word and beside the still waters of prayer.

The Latter Rain of the Spirit (June 1949)

IX.—Office and Work of the Holy Spirit

In the Spirit and Power of Elijah (August 1949)

XL Office and Work of the Holy Spirit

"The Loud Cry" (July 1949)

X. Office and Work of the Holy Spirit

Variety in the Vesper Service (July 1949)

The vesper service at the close of the Sab­bath has been an important feature of the religious program of some of our larger churches for more than twenty years, and has therefore long since passed the experimental stage.

The Early Rain of the Spirit (May 1949)

VIII. Work of Holy Spirit

Indwelling and Baptism (April 1949)

VII.—Office and Work of the Holy Spirit

The Anointing of the Spirit (March 1949)

VI.—Office and Work of the Holy Spirit

Sealed by the Spirit (February 1949)

Part five of the Office and Work of the Holy Spirit

Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit (January 1949)

Office and Work of the Holy Spirit

"Give Attention to Reading" (February 1955)

The monthly shepherdess column.

Tact (November 1959)

How important is tact in the work of the ministry?

Energy (October 1959)

Essential Steps to Success in the Ministry-6

Industry (September 1959)

Essential Steps to Success in the Ministry-5

Intelligence (August 1959)

Essential Steps to Success in the Ministry-4

Integrity (July 1959)

Integrity carries the meaning of quality, of being in complete unity, undivided in loyalty, and unquestioned in character.

Consecration (May 1959)

Essential Steps to Success in the Ministry-2

Book Knowledge (April 1959)

Essential Steps to Success in the Ministry—I

A Prophetic Message—3 (September 1962)

Of the many signs given by Jesus in His great pro­phetic sermon by which we may know when His return is near, "even at the door," the only one He repeated, in­dicating its importance, was the warning of the coming of false prophets and apostles to deceive, if it were possible, the very elect.

A Prophetic Message—2 (August 1962)

The most complete and im­portant of the many de­scriptions of the final message to be given "in the spirit and power of Elias" to "make ready a people prepared for the Lord" is recorded in Rev­elation 14:6-14.

A Prophetic Message (July 1962)

The prophetic message the world really needs.

Types and Moods of Prayer (October 1964)

Do we need a renewed and deeper comprehension of communion with God?

The Need of a Spiritual Revival (October 1964)

The First Sermon Given at the Opening Session of the School of Prayer

The Funeral: The Ministry of Mourning Sabbath Funerals (January 1953)

All things earthly speak of decay and dissolution. Ever since the heavyhearted sorrow of God made the awful pronouncement upon Adam and Eve on the occasion of their banishment from the sweet waters of Eden: "Dying thou shall die" (margin), this sin-cursed abode of man has been a house of mourning, a place of tears, a blighted garden of grief and fading dreams.

Features (December 1953)

A Message to the Adventist Ministry "What Is Your Business?" "Mate Full Proof of Thy Ministry"

Have YOU Tried One? (July 1965)

Implementing the council of the autumn council.

Recognizing personality differences (July 1960)

A subject of ever increasing importance with the passing of time, wherever two or more persons are associated in service, whether in families, churches, schools, conferences, institutions, or var­ious kinds of business, is personality problems.

SHEPHERDESS: The Well-dressed Christian (May 1952)

The Ministerial Family—Part III

SHEPHERDESS: Getting Along With People (April 1952)

The Ministerial Family—Part II

SHEPHERDESS: The Minister's Home (March 1952)

The Ministerial Family, Part I

PULPIT AND STUDY: Cultivating "Sermon Gardens" (December 1950)

"he commission of the Chief Shepherd to every undershepherd, or pastor, is, 'Feed my sheep.'"

Qualifications for True Leadership No. 1 (April 1937)

A leader in any capacity in the cause of God is a watchman, and his office carries with it most solemn responsibility.

Qualifications for True Leadership No. 2 (May 1937)

Another test of one's ability to lead is found in his attitude toward his predeces­sor.

Meeting Divergent Movements (June 1937)

For improvement in movement and technique.

Eating the Bittersweet Book (June 1935)

Digested food gives life.

The Why of the Parabolic Method (February 1934)

How urgent and oft repeated are the calls through the Spirit of prophecy for God's peo­ple to study the Revelation diligently at this time.

Public Prayer (January 1932)

The matter of method.

Forward and Upward (April 1929)

Articles on inspiration, counsel, and caution.
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