Myrna Tetz

Myrna Tetz is a retired managing editor of Adventist Review and currently the editorial consultant for Ministry magazine.

Observations on Prayer Meetings

"Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not."

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The Hymn of Meditation

The music of the message.

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Music in the Smaller Church

We often read articles telling what song leaders do to make their song services at­tractive and inspirational, and these articles are very helpful. I am a young church organist with some training and Adventist musical back­ground. In this short article I should like to discuss music in the smaller churches, from the ordinary church member's viewpoint.

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Music and the Communion Service

For a number of years this has been the rule at our church, with marked effect on the regu­lar worshipers, and visitors have thought it worthy of description in the pages of THE MINISTRY.

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Coronary Health Improvement Project

Pastors and their churches can greatly benefit their communities with a renewed emphasis on healthful living.

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There are seven ways we can value the elderly among us.

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