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Theodore R. Flaiz

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Articles by Theodore R. Flaiz

Future of Medical Missions in Jeopardy (March 1940)

How the future of medical missions in jeopardy.

Our Physicians and the Temperance Cause (Novemer 1944)

Recently I attended a convention and rally held by the Minnesota United Temperance Organization in Rochester, Minnesota. Meetings were held in the various churches of the city.

Medical Prospects in India (August 1946)

Presentation at morning devotional hour, Southern Asia Division committee meeting, Poona, India, December, 1945.

Pioneers: Do We Still Have Them? (August 1948)

The perils and challenges confronting our work in China.

A Plea for Self-sacrificing Service (December 1949)

Presentation at Boulder Medical Council, April, 1949.

Safety Zones in Health Work (July 1949)

Somewhere between the two extremes of attitude toward health instruction by our ministers there is a happy and safe middle of the road.

Health Facts Important to You (November 1956)

There are certain health considerations of more immediate concern to us than others. Generally speaking, the more important causes of death might be classified under three principal groups: (1) acute and contagious or infectious diseases, (2) cancer, (3) cardiovas­cular diseases.

Analysis of Adventist Health Emphasis (May 1962)

Analysis of Adventist Health Emphasis

FEATURES: Some Basic Principles of Organization (August 1952)

"Entirely unique in the field of denominational organization are Seventh-day Adventists."

FEATURES: Focus on C.M.E. (August 1951)

"More and more as time goes on the place of the College of Medical Evangelists in our denomination is coming into focus."

HEALTH EVANGELISM: Chaplain-Physician Potentialities (November 1950)

"I shall be glad to hear from those who are able to contribute to this discussion from the standpoint either of the doctor or of the chaplain."
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