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Edwin R. Thiele

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Articles by Edwin R. Thiele

The Basic Principle of Missions (October 1939)

Vital to the cause of foreign missions is the fact that in wide sections of the Christian church new conceptions are coming in concerning the basic nature of Christianity itself and concerning the genius of non-Christian religions.

The Nature of Non-Christian Religions (February 1939)

What is the real nature of non-Chris­tian religions, and what should be the attitude of the Christian toward them?

Problems of Daniel 1 (Concluded) (September 1941)

In the article last month on the problems of A the I and their solution, five problems were stipulated, and we dealt with three, showing that they were no problem at all. We come now to problems 4 and 5, and their explanation.

Our Attitude Toward Higher Criticism (February 1941)

A paper presented in Biblical language group, Bible and History Teachers' Convention, Washington, D.C., July-August, 1940.

The Seven-headed Beasts of Revelation (January 1946)

Whence came the seven-headed monsters in ancient pagan records?

Pyramids, Israel, and Sojourn (September 1949)

Did the Israelites help build the pyramids of Egypt, as the British-Israel advocates claim?

Pompeii an Example of the End of the World (January 1958)

A look at the location of Pompeii and how it relates to the end of the world.

The Problem of Overlapping Reigns (August 1960)

IN SUCH a study as this it will, of course, not be possible to deal with all the problems of Hebrew chronology, but we will confine our­selves to a single area concerning which there has been much discussion. The period under review will be the century beginning in 841 B.C. with the accession of Athaliah in Judah and Jehu in Israel, and terminating with the end of the reign of Azariah in Judah and Pekahiah in Israel.

The veracity of Bible chronology (July 1960)

Throughout the ages, endless and bitter attacks against the reliability of the Biblical record have come from men who were moved more by zeal than by knowledge. These charges of inaccuracies in the Word of God have been due largely to an imperfect knowledge of the facts of ancient Biblical history, manners and customs rather than to actual errors in the Biblical record.

Zeal, but Not According to Knowledge* (June 1960)

This study was given to the workers of the Lake Union Conference at its tenth quadrennial session held at Detroit, Michigan, March 9-12, 1959

Solving the Problems of Daniel 1 (August 1941)

Certain problems connected with the first few verses of the first chapter of Daniel have long been a source of per­plexity to Bible students.
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