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Donn Thomas

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Articles by Donn Thomas

Popularize our Health Message Through Advertising (December 1948)

To attract a crowd for almost any kind of public event, one must advertise.

Creating a Favorable Impression (June 1948)

I have yet to meet the minister who does not believe in newspaper advertising, but the value of publicity—free publicity—is something which is not understood by many.

Repetition—an Advertising Fundamental (June 1949)

You seldom find a good Seventh-day Adventist who has the Coca-Cola habit; but, as a denomination, we might well analyze the advertising technique that sells 34,000,000 bottles of this beverage a day.

The Stranger in the Black Suit A Parable (April 1955)

One bright Sabbath day a stranger in a black suit made his way toward a medium-sized town. Here's his story.
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