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George Thomason

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Articles by George Thomason

Ours is Indeed a Lifesaving Message (June 1938)

The corrupting habits of the antediluvian world, so vicious as to make necessary the submersion and destruction of practically the entire human family in a great flood, find an exaggerated counterpart in the body and soul destroying practices of this present day.

A Physician's Plea to Ministers No. 2 (February 1935)

Years of close observation have led me to the inevitable conclusion that ministers as a rule eat far too much.

A Physician's Plea to Ministers No. 1 (December 1934)

For a number of years I have viewed with considerable alarm the premature incapaci­tation of leading workers in the cause by rea­son of physical and mental disaster, and this frequently in the case of men who really ought to be in their prime.
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