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Alden Thompson

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Articles by Alden Thompson

Must we agree? (February 1988)

Ellen White favored a certain amount of debate in the church. And she believed church unity was to be maintained by other means than legislation or pronouncements by the church's authority figures.

What kind of prayers would you publish if you were God? (November 1990)

Why are the "vengeance" psalms in the Bible? How does God deal with critical people? Are there degrees of inspiration?

God's Word: casebook or codebook? (July 1991)

Sometimes Scripture seems to offer contradictory guidance. What model of Scripture best helps us put it all together?

Utrecht: A 'Providential' Detour? (October 1997)

Looking to the world of the New Testament church for guidance in processing the puzzling questions faced by the contemporary church

"The law is our anchor, Jesus is the wind in our sails" (May 2004)

A Christocentric view of the Seventh-day Adventist view of the Ten Commandments.

Response to Dale Ratzlaff (February 2004)

A statement and letter involving Dale Ratzlaff, who has published materials opposing Adventist positions on the law and the Sabbath.
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