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Marilyn Thomsen

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Articles by Marilyn Thomsen

Coping with depression (September 1984)

Pastors are perhaps more susceptible to depression than almost any other professionals. Pastoral work can be very emotionally draining. How can a pastor learn to profit from rather than succumb to the depression that knocks at his door?

The minister and anger (June 1985)

A minister's position sets him up for many hurts that can lead to anger. Is it wrong to be angry, or is it all right to be angry just as long as you don't act angry? What is the best way to deal with feelings of anger, and what should you do if you ' 'lose your cool' ' in front of the congregation?

Pastoral counseling: who, whom, how? (January 1985)

Are pastors really qualified to counsel? What are the most important ingredients in good counseling? Who shouldn't you counsel? And what should you do about transference and countertransference? In this wide-ranging interview with Dr. Archibald D. Hart, Marilyn Thomsen touches on some of the most significant questions pastoral counselors can ask.
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