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Asa C. Thoresen

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Articles by Asa C. Thoresen

Designed for Flight (April 1975)

"DOTH THE HAWK fly by thy wisdom, and stretch her wings to ward the south?" (Job 39:26). . .

Homeostasis--Evidence for Instant Creation (October 1973)

EVERYONE knows that as soon as body temperature rises even as little as 2° or 3° F. above normal that an individual is ill. For a human body to operate efficiently, the temperature of that body must be regulated within a very fine limit. We call this and other regulatory functions of all biological systems, homeostasis. . .

Darwin's Error (July 1973)

IN A letter to Joseph Hooker on January 11, 1844, Charles Darwin wrote: "I was so struck with the distribution of the Galapagos organisms . . . that I determined to collect blindly every sort of fact, which could bear any way on what are species. ... At last gleams of light have come, and I am almost convinced, quite contrary to the opinion I started with, that species are not (it is like confessing a murder) immutable. . ."
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