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Merwin R. Thurber

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Articles by Merwin R. Thurber

Let us be Accurate (February 1938)

Suggestions on quoting, verifying, and crediting.

Bible Facts and Personal Fancies (May 1939)

Growing in our knowledge of the scriptures is crucial to our presentation of truth.

Uriah Smith and the Charge of Plagiarism (June 1945)

Concluding article in the series on revised Daniel and the Revelation.

Revised Daniel and the Revelation in Relation to Denominational Doctrine (May 1945)

How do we regard this new edition in relation to our denominational doctrines?

New Edition of "Daniel and the Revelation" (April 1945)

Here is the true story of the revision of "Daniel and the Revelation."

RESEARCH: Prophetic Interpretation and Historical Authorities (October 1951)

"The student of Bible prophecy, though he may be an expert in theology and in interpretation of prophetic symbols, is under the necessity of depending on experts in history in his application of the prophecies."

Meekness (November 1971)

Mrs. White comments on this statement: Patience and gentleness under wrong were not characteristics prized by the heathen or by the Jews. The statement made by Moses under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that he was the meekest man upon the earth, would not have been regarded by the people of his time as a commendation; it would rather have excited pity or contempt. --The Mount of Blessings, p. 14.

A New Advertising Approach (February 1933)

How to counter the charge that Adventists are "time setters."
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