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Vincent Tigno, Jr.

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Articles by Vincent Tigno, Jr.

The Challenge of Gospel Seed Sowing (August 1973)

THE work of seed sowing is not "peanuts." The sower has to con tend not only with the temper of the elements but with all kinds of unpredictable as well as predict able factors. When the Saviour portrayed the gospel work as seed sowing (Matt. 13:3-8), He was both warning and challenging ministers in every age that their task is no weekend picnic. . .

The Foolishness of Preaching (January 1972)

THE preacher determines to a large degree whether preaching is dubbed as "foolishness" or is acclaimed as "the voice of God." It is indeed the height of folly to take one hour of someone's time on a Saturday morning and waste it on clerical vocalization. . .

A corner called Cherith (March 1984)

Elijahs ministry included both moments of high excitement and times of quiet service. In those quiet hours Elijah learned lessons that sustained and enriched his ministry through its more dynamic phases'. God often leads us to modern-day Cheriths.

Needed: Christian leaders (February 1986)

What is the difference between a religious leader and a Christian leader? The contrast is plain in the New Testament, and Jesus made sure His disciples understood the difference. Would you feel more at home in the Sanhedrin, or in the upper room?

Pastoral popularity: privilege or pitfall? (May 2005)

Weighing the pros and cons of pastoral popularity

A man sent from God (September 1983)

As in times of old, God still chooses the most unlikely candidates for His ministry. Today there is a place in God's army for all kinds of men——the poor and the rich, the educated and the uneducated, the gifted and the average.
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