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Sigve Tonstad

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Articles by Sigve Tonstad

Spoken to, spoken for (July 2016)

When studying the Bible remember these two ideas.

Ministry lessons from the woman at the well (July 2013)

As you read this article, contemplate the meaning of the phrase “but he had to” in the story of Jesus’ choice to go through Samaria when other routes were available.

Reflections on the Reformation (October 1982)

A young monk nailed ninety-five propositions to a church door in Wittenburg 465 years ago this month. Reviewing the movement that was sparked by those hammer blows may help to put a hammer in our hands today.

The book of Revelation and reality (January 2010)

Though often seen as a book revealing the future, Revelation also should be read as a message that illumes the present.

A house of prayer for all peoples: A vision of inclusion (May 2005)

There may be pressure and reason to exclude people from our fellowship. The call to include them is more compelling.
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