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C.G. Tuland

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Articles by C.G. Tuland

The Three Tithes of the Old Testament (September 1958)

A look at the sacred tithe, the tithe of feasts, and the tithe for the poor.

Spiritual Significance of the Imposition of Hands (August 1965)

A careful reading of this article may alter your concept of an Old Testament sanctuary ritual. It gives deeper mean­ing to the act of confession.

Understanding the Two Covenants (August 1966)

How are we to understand the old and new covenants or testaments?

Understanding Isaiah 7:14 (October 1967)

A look at a controversial text.

Church Leadership and Leaders (December 1961)

It seems to be quite natural that when we elect men as elders we choose such men who have a certain social standing and are gifted with some degree of eloquence, for they are not only public representatives of the church but they also should be able to express themselves in a clear and con­vincing manner when standing in the pul­pit. Nevertheless, the question is whether these are the most important criteria on which we should make our choice.

Tithing in the New Testament (October 1961)

In the past, Seventh-day Adventists have been se­verely criticized for stressing the obligation of paying of tithe by their church mem­bers. This attitude, however, has more recently changed, and a number of other de­nominations or individual churches have accepted this system, which we call system­atic benevolence. We have to clarify the problem of whether paying of tithe is re­quired in the New Testament.

The Ministry of Human Understanding (July 1968)

Christ in the book of Hebrews.

Hanani-Hananiah: Biblical Personage Discovered in the Aramaic (August 1976)

The books of Ezra and Nehemiah permit a deeper insight into the many-sided struggles of the Jews who had returned from Babylon.
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