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Cindy Tutsch

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Articles by Cindy Tutsch

A Woman’s Guide to Fasting (October 2012)

A book as much about praying as fasting.

Spirit-driven leadership: A perspective from Ellen G. White (February 2010)

The issue of leadership is not limited to the world of politics, business, industry, and economy. The Christian church, with its worldwide mission and responsibility to develop men and women of character and endurance, also searches for leaders with vision and commitment. How are such leaders made?

Presenting creation and evolution: How? (Part 2) (April 2005)

Final in a two-part series on understanding and communicating the issues of evolution and special creation

Presenting evolution and Creation: How? (Part 1) (February 2005)

In dialogue with non-Creationists; indispensable attitudes and approaches
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