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Nancy Vyhmeister

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Articles by Nancy Vyhmeister

Junia the Apostle (July 2013)

Questions have been raised about Junia’s identity, occupation, and her gender—the author not only investigates the answers but also the implications.

''Not weary in well doing" (April 1986)

Adventist women hold significant leadership posts in the church today. This report reveals that it is not an oddity to find a woman treasurer or departmental leader in some world divisions.

Why world mission? (August 1990)

What is the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church? Must the mission be worldwide? And if so, why?

The Tip of an Iceberg (February 1995)

Holmes' book fails to show convincingly that the ordination of women is biblically prohibited and would lead to chaos.

Ordination in the New Testament? (May 2002)

A perceptive view of biblical ordination.

The bishop, husband of one wife: What does it mean? (October 2005)

Ever heard of a "one-woman man" or a "one-person spouse"? Well, now you have.

Deaconesses in the church - Part two of two (September 2008)

The conclusion of a two-part series about the role of deaconesses in the church.

The ministry of the deaconess through history - Part one of two (July 2008)

In this first of a two-part series, the author examines the role of deaconesses in the New Testament and early church.
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