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W. A. Dessain

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Articles by W. A. Dessain

The Preacher in His Pulpit (April 1940)

The externals of preaching often spoil a good sermon. An unsound program for church service, one that is unbalanced or too long, will kill a minister's best efforts. A forceful message poorly delivered is weaker than a poor message well given.

Strive for Colorful Preaching (August 1943)

Nothing so palls on the ears and minds of an audience as to have to listen to sermon after sermon that is drab, colorless, and dry.

Preparing Converts for Baptism (May 1943)

Advice shared at the Northern Union Conference, Minneapolis, December 29, 1942, to January 5, 1943.

The Fine Art of Listening (August 1945)

Few of us can lay great claim to outstanding originality, and it behooves many of us to kindle our fires from another's flame.

The Minister as a Student of God's Word (September 1964)

What greater or more re­warding honor can be given a pulpit speaker than to have it said that he divides the Word with great acceptability.

FEATURES: Some Candid Questions (December 1951)

"What is thine occupation?" An unusual text indeed! But it was this question that brought Jonah, the runaway prophet, to himself and restored him to his great commission."

Improving the Minister's Diction (April 1941)

An article on correct speech and cultured conduct
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