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W. B. Ochs

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Articles by W. B. Ochs

The Preacher's Requisites (February 1941)

Newton once said, "The Christian min­istry is the worst of all trades, but the best of all professions."

Evangelize Representatively, With Dignity (December 1946)

The minister has been called of God to do the most sacred work committed to man.

But by My Spirit" (March 1947)

Devotional Study, Autumn Council, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1946.

C. M. E. Offering (July 1949)

Like our other colleges, the medical school is in need of financial support.

"Be Still, and Know That I Am God" (June 1962)

One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is the art of being quiet in time of stress and strain. Human nature rebels against the words "be still." We love to talk, we want to be heard, we want others to listen to us. We feel insulted if we are told to "be still." But silence helps us to know and understand God better.

Dealing with Lutherans (November 1934)

Adherents of different denominations present differing problems. The following is council for dealing with Lutherans.
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