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W. L. Emmerson

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Articles by W. L. Emmerson

Christian Evidences in Evangelism (April 1939)

If our ministry is to be effec­tive, we must adapt our methods of presenta­tion to the mental and spiritual outlook of the generation in which we live.

An Iron" Nail in the Critics' Coffin (December 1940)

Many bible critics deny any claims that reportedly have no contemporary outside evidence. But recent archeological discoveries have finally disposed of another of these "arguments from silence."

Petrie, Father of Modern Archaeology (December 1942)

Sir Flin Ders Petrie, who died a few weeks ago in Jerusalem at the age of eighty-nine, well deserves the title of "Father of Modern Archaeology."

Significance of the 1948 Lambeth Conference (December 1948)

For years, whenever the subject of the reunion of the churches has come up, the discussion has invariably been terminated with the appeal, "Wait for Lambeth." The rea­son for this is that the Anglican family of churches, which as a result of emigration and evangelization now extends to the ends of the earth, occupies a unique position in relation to the various groupings of divided Christendom.

FEATURES: "Total" Evangelism (December 1952)

If there is one word used more than another today in connection with secular plans and programs, it is the word "total."

The Necessity of Organized Study (January 1940)

Our multiplied duties tend to reduce study to the barest minimum.
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