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Andrew J. Weaver

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Articles by Andrew J. Weaver

Medical Work in Peru and Bolivia (August 1941)

Recently it was my privilege to visit the two Seventh-day Adventist hospitals in the Inca Union in South America—the one located at Juliaca, Peru, near Lake Titicaca, and the other at Chulumani, Bolivia, about eighty miles from La Paz.

Church-Supported Schools (October 1942)

A look at religious world trends and ideas.

Elder abuse: A faith-based response (November 2003)

What local congregations can do to ease the rise in the abuse of the elderly

Schizophrenia: What pastors need to know (January 2003)

Recognizing and dealing with this increasingly common mental illness in the parish

Teen smoking: the church can help (November 2004)

How may the church be specifically helpful to youth when it comes to smoking.

The suicide of a teenager: a pastoral response (September 2005)

The signs of possible suicide, the struggle for those left behind, and handling suicide's stigma

Cancer and faith (January 2007)

Cancer ranks among the most dreaded of all diseases. In the United States alone, 1.3 million new cases are diagnosed each year, with 8,000 of them being children.
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