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Ted Wilson

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Articles by Ted Wilson

A theology of leadership for pastors (December 2019)

Leadership is a topic on which many books have been written, seminars presented, and lectures given. Leadership can be a power for good—or evil—depending upon its use.

Where is your heart? (August 2019)

One of the best, most effective tools in growing and maintaining a vibrant, healthy, missional, active church is the Sabbath School.

“Jesus is coming again!” (October)

It is clear that only the blessing and guidance of God could have taken the small, humble beginnings of this prophetic, end-time movement and transformed it into what it is today!

Billy Graham: A man of courage and grace (May 2018)

Billy Graham’s example of courage and grace is a reminder to all of us to live up to all the truth we know from the Holy Word of God and proclaim God’s eternal truth.

5 ways to encourage youth in Total Member Involvement (June)

More inspiration from our Revival and Reformation feature.

Believe His prophets: Why I accept Ellen G. White’s prophetic ministry1 (October)

We have the responsibility for nurturing and fostering the belief in and active use of the Spirit of Prophecy.

Revive in Us Your Work (May 2015)

From our continuing revival and reformation series.

A pastor after God’s own heart (July/August 2015)

One of the greatest privileges is to be a pastor for Jesus Christ during these last days of earth’s history.

C. D.: The Man Behind the Message (April 2014)

Book review to one of the greatest soul winners in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

The Heaven-ordained Result of Revival and Reformation (January 2012)

Our special revival and reformation column.

Reflections on revival (January 2011)

What are the hallmarks of true revival?

Overseas mission service (November 1992)

The Lord may be calling you.

How shall we work the cities—from without (June 1980)

Ted Wilson, who is involved in New York City ministry, presents the case for a city evangelism directed from rural outposts.
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