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Wesley Amundson

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Articles by Wesley Amundson

Enriching the Baptismal Service (November 1940)

Ways to dignify and solemnize the baptismal service.

The Shepherd's Responsibility to the Flock (November 1943)

As we near the end of time and approach the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the dangers which face the church will increase. Are you protecting your sheep?

Apostolic Succession Question (Novemer 1944)

Principles, Perils, and Developments.

Conquering the Enemies Within (March 1946)

Apostasies come through weakness—weak­ness of spiritual character.

Effective Stones for Your Sling (June 1948)

Recalling the experience of David.

"Exercising the Oversight" (October 1949)

To be set as an overseer of the flock of God entails a tremendous and sacred responsi­bility, one that no minister can accept lightly.

God's White-winged Messengers (August 1949)

The monthly literature evangelism column.

Who Is Sufficient for These Things? (August 1955)

May the dear Lord help us all, as minis­ters of the gospel of Christ, to reach this high standard, and through divine help become sufficient for the work of winning souls for the kingdom of God.

"I Was a Stranger" (May 1958)

God has always had a sym­pathetic attitude toward the strangers who were not of the household of faith.

"Sons of the Stranger" (June 1959)

North America is a land of "strangers." Someone has said, "We are a nation of many nationalities, many races, many religions—bound together by a single unity, the unity of free­dom and equality." This can also be said of Canada.

Features (July 1954)

Those Worthy Objectives. The Medical Worker on the Gospel Team. The Medical Missionary Church Tell Them Now! Home Missionary Doctors.

Money Isn't Everything (December 1962)

How much money does it take to accom­plish good in the cause of Christ? Can pen­nies for Christ be equated with dollars? Does God show more respect for the giver of large sums of money than He does for one who is able only to give lesser amounts? How are we as Christians to eval­uate the giving of money to God's cause?

Evangelism Among the Spanish People in North America (December 1963)

Public evangelism as car­ried on among English-language people in North America generally differs widely from the evangelistic approach made to foreign-language people in this world division. There is one excep­tion to this rule—the work for the Spanish-speaking peoples.

Answers to Questions (April 1963)

From time to time we answer readers' questions and present provocative material in this section. While they are glad to do this in the interests of objective study, the editors reserve the right to select what they think is profitable for discussion, al­though the views expressed may not always be those of the editors.

Here's How We Did It! (December 1964)

Résumé of Foreign-Language Workers' Convention

Go, Teach All Nations (March 1962)

IT MUST have been a thrill­ing and wonderful experi­ence that day, nineteen hundred years ago, when a small handful of people, mostly fish­ermen and peasants, met with Christ on a mountain in Galilee.

We Must Increase Radio Coverage for Other Languages (June 1965)

One of the most penetrating avenues is that of the voice of radio, for it reaches into practically every home in America.

The Dynamism of a Successful Ministry (Conclusion) (March 1966)

There are four elements which go to make up the structure of love.

PASTOR: Shepherds of the Flock (December 1952)

"High and holy is the work to which God has called His ministers. As God's anointed their calling is sacred."

PASTOR: What the Laymen Expect (July 1952)

"What do the people who sit in the pews expect of the minister who stands in the pulpit?"

PASTORAL PRINCIPLES AND PROCEDURE: The Minister and His Church Officers (October 1950)

"When Jesus organized the Christian church He selected twelve men to be His first ordained ministers. "Apostles," they are called in the Scriptures."

KINDLY CORRECTIVES: "When Thou Prayest" (April 1950)

"Public prayer is an act of divine worship just as much as the preaching of a sermon"

The First Work of Physicians (July 1939)

What is the first work of Seventh-day Adventist physicians?
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