Thomas J. Zwemer

Thomas J. Zwemer, DDS, is vice president emeritus, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia, United States.

Agape Isn't Holding Hands

GRIDIRON GLADIATORS are prayed over and spectators are entertained with half-time repertoires that include "Put your hand in the hand of the Man of Galilee." It is a new day in Christendom. Conversions after the modern order of things fill more stadiums than does Henry Aaron. . .

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Primitive Culture or Primitive Godliness?

THE now generation possesses all of the cultural accouterments of antiquity. A rock festival reveals the savage beat of equatorial Africa, the mystical introspection of an Oriental opium den or a Chapultepec temple, the dishevelment of a Borneo aborigine, the sexual promiscuity in a Palestinal grove, and the dress of a New Guinea highlander. . .

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The joy of redeeming grace

Life without deliverance could be awful, meaningless, and directionless. But the beauty of the gospel is that we are not left in the wasteland of guilt; it bids us to enter the oasis of God's grace.

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