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Dallas Youngs

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Articles by Dallas Youngs

Radio and the Divine Commission (Concluded) (May 1941)

Getting results is the thing that counts, whether it be in radio preaching or in selling automobiles.

Radio and the Divine Commission—No. 2 (April 1941)

The do's and dont's of radio technique.

Radio and the Divine Commission—No. 1 (March 1941)

Are you capitalizing radio's unique possibilities?

Soul Winning by Correspondence (July 1945)

In the results obtained by the correspondence method of soul winning we see direct fulfillment of the Lord's promise of Isaiah 55:11.

The Fight to Keep on the Air (September 1946)

How to combat the religious anemia in which we are operate.

What Happened to Elijah? (February 1967)

A look at the biblical and historical evidence.

The Spirit Guides and Shows (March 1968)

Early and Latter Rain--Concluded

Another Comforter (February 1968)

Early and Latter Rain--part II

Early and Latter Rain (January 1968)

Water in the Bible is emblematic of the Holy Spirit.

Spank That Child! (November 1972)

FROM the East Coast to the West Coast and from the Canadian border to the Mexican border we have permissiveness in Government, in courts, in schools, and in the homes. But permissiveness is not a new thing. It goes back, way back to Old Testament times. . .
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