I conducted my first public evangelistic meetings in the small, economically depressed town of Sybertsville, Pennsylvania, USA. I was a young and inexperienced pastor, but the faithful followers of Jesus in that community were very encouraging. We rented a meeting room from the local fire department and sent out some invitations.

I knew that I needed some powerful biblical messages, so I called a well-known Christian evangelist C.D. Brooks and asked if I could borrow his sermons! His response was spontaneous and generous. “Yes!” I knew right then that God was at work! There was just one problem. His sermons had never been written out in manuscript form. Fortunately, audio recordings were available and so, with his permission and coaching, I spent about four hundred hours transcribing those messages and making them my own.

I listened to so many evangelistic sermons by C.D. Brooks that I started to sound like him! This internationally known evangelist took some of his precious time to mentor me. As I look back, I am deeply grateful for his kindness and Christian humility. He was accustomed to speaking to thousands at public meetings and tens of thousands through an international television ministry but he wasn’t too busy to mentor a young pastor. I will always remember his kindness and, by God’s grace, replicate it.

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