Who came up with the idea that pastors are supposed to excel in every area of life and ministry?  This is an unrealistic and unhealthy goal.  Healthy pastors identify their strengths and minister using the talents, gifts, and abilities the Lord has bestowed upon them.  When you minister from your strengths, you will experience less stress and be more productive.

If there is work to be done in areas where you are weak or lack the necessary skills, look for people whose strengths complement those needs—people of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom—and delegate responsibility to them.  Equip and empower those individuals to minister from their strengths.  When they experience great success in their endeavors, don’t envy them.  Don’t feel like you have to compete with them.  Rather, rejoice with them.  

Just as the body has many parts, each one performing an essential role, so the church has many members, each with his or her own strengths needed for ministry in Jesus’ name. Together we can accomplish the mission the Lord has set before us.