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It is not often that our children are home with us. But when they are, we have a lot of fun—talking, laughing, and taking a lot of photographs. While looking at some of those pictures taken recently, it suddenly dawned on me that my children are no longer growing up. They are now grown! Our daughter…

Willie E. Hucks II

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I met a retired pastor this past weekend who asked me if we had published any articles in Ministry on “How to die well.” His question startled me at first, then caused me to do some deep personal reflection. How do you die well? Death is an enemy (1 Corinthians 15:26). Even when people…

Derek Morris

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In a recent blog, Thom Rainer shared some lessons learned by pastors entitled “Seven Do-Overs Pastors Wish They Had.”1 The first do-over caught my attention in an age when people fire off text messages and emails with barely a moment’s thought for the long-term consequences.


Derek Morris

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In mid-March our washing machine stopped working properly. With two loads of clothes that needed immediate attention, I placed them in the car and drove to a nearby laundromat, taking with me a newspaper and book to occupy the time. “We just bought this washing machine a few years ago,” I grumbled…

Willie E. Hucks II

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Featured articles

The Power of United Prayer

We are seeing the young and old falling in love with prayer and experiencing revival as they experience united prayer at our ARME Bible camps. We have often seen young people coming back to the prayer meeting room, saying, “I can’t stay away. I’m addicted to this place.”

Allyson, a 14-year-old, visited the prayer meeting room one day, then she came back the next day and spent eight hours…

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Murmuring discontent: A lethal spiritual addiction

Is your church membership on the decline? Has the stewardship growth and financial position of the church not been as robust as you planned or expected? Is your church finding itself unable to attract and minister to the youth?

Look out for a hidden enemy within your…

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Tips on Ministering in the Inner City

As a pastor, I have worked in inner-city communities. Here are some of the lessons I learned and the approaches that have worked for me:

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