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Nurture, retention, reclamation: Can you hear their cry?

I started  pastoral  ministry  25 years ago in a district that had 14 churches, a senior pastor, and a Bible worker. The Bible worker and I were given the task to seek out, visit, and reclaim missing members. Because the mobile phone was not as widely available then, we used the only means of transportation…

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Four tactics of attack against pornography

Recently a lay leader met with me in my office. Over the next two hours, he laid out a sordid story of some six decades of sex addiction. His struggle began when older boys exposed him to a pornographic magazine when he was seven years old. In the years since, it had affected every aspect of his life,…

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Celebration of diversity

I (Joseph)  am  a  Seventh-day Adventist  and  teach  at  the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. The seminary has some five hundred people from all over the world—including countries I have never heard of before! In attendance are men and women, students of different colors, cultures, backgrounds,…

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Watchmen on the walls

Since I started pastoring in 2006, I have faced many difficult situations. In my very first district, a young man whose same-sex relationship had recently ended asked me what the Bible says about homosexuality. I have encountered several situations in which heterosexual couples were cohabiting. Once…

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