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Approaching the end of my 10 ½ years as an editor of Ministry and in the Ministerial Association, I find myself looking back on so many wonderful times experienced and lessons reinforced—too many to mention at this time. But here are a few:

People are committed to God’s work and…

Willie E. Hucks II

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This is my final blog for Ministry. For the past five and a half years I have been blessed to serve with a remarkable team.  I have learned some lessons that I will always remember:

  • Two are better than one.  It has been my privilege to serve with Dr. Willie Hucks, associate…
Derek Morris

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Who came up with the idea that pastors are supposed to excel in every area of life and ministry?  This is an unrealistic and unhealthy goal.  Healthy pastors identify their strengths and minister using the talents, gifts, and abilities the Lord has bestowed upon them. …

Derek Morris

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I recently had the privilege of attending a Cross-Cultural Workshop for church leaders.  I came away with a heightened sensitivity to cultural diversity.

It’s so easy to view and evaluate others through the lens of our own context. …

Derek Morris

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Engaging Adventist Millennials: A church that embraces relationships

Fortune 500 companies to media firms to major faith communities are asking this question with interest: “What does it take to engage with the Millennial generation?”1 The North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church2 recently commissioned…

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Praying the Psalms

Recently, I was in a faculty meeting discussing the meaning of prayer in contemporary liturgy. It did not take long before complaints were expressed about the length and, particularly, the language of liturgical prayers. The prevailing impression was that public prayers tended to be too long and saturated…

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