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Since 1928 Ministry has been published largely for the benefit of Seventh-day Adventist ministers. Beyond this, however, we believe that much of what we publish in Ministry is important to clergy everywhere, and could be helpful to their faith and every day ministry.

In the light of the movements of our own history, we believe in the beauty and authority of Scripture and in the great truths that reveal the gospel of salvation by grace, through faith alone. Consistent with this, Ministry wishes to share the aspirations and faith of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in a way that will provide genuine inspiration and help to clergy in every community of faith.

We especially realize the advantages of pooling the best ideas and procedures for doing effective, practical ministry, and wish to do so by sharing the magazine with other clergy.

With this in mind, bi-monthly gift subscriptions are available to all licensed and/or ordained clergy. Requests for subscriptions should be submitted on church letterhead and addressed to the editorial office.


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