The New and Living Way

A personal testimony.

A pastor.

Strict compliance with religious forms and ceremonies for many years brought me to the place where I found myself a dry and barren formalist. The living Christ had been crowded out of my life through my intense zeal to do the many things I felt He would have me do, and I keenly recognized an utter lack of power to overcome sin. There was a settled conviction that for me to continue in this way meant eter­nal loss; but how to change my course of life I did not know. I was in great distress of mind.

One night I dreamed that I stood in the presence of my Saviour, and it seemed that in a moment of time He searched my whole life and found noth­ing of value. All my strivings to live by strict rule produced nothing that gave me confidence in His presence. In my dream, it seemed that I trem­blingly acknowledged to my Saviour that I was not ready to meet Him, but I offered to do anything possible which would merit His approval.

The impression made upon my mind by this dream was very profound, and I was led to a study of the Bible and the " Testimonies " of the spirit of prophecy such as I had never under­taken before. In so doing I discovered the new and living way. 0 the joy and peace that have been mine since I en­tered upon this new way, seven years ago! The Spirit of God revealed to me that all my righteousness, whatever the quantity and the quality, was worthless when presented to God. I saw the gracious provision of my Sav­iour in providing for me His robe of perfect righteousness, by which to make me presentable in the presence of the King. And not only does He provide the robe to cover my worthless life, but He transforms that life by His personal presence which takes up its abode in my surrendered heart, so that my impulses, desires, and acts are the outworking of His power.

The study of the message of right­eousness by faith has brought wonder­ful blessing to me. With Christ abid­ing in the heart, I have found the reality of the life of victory. He not only keeps from sin, but He heals the body and renews strength for service day by day. The blessed verities of the truths of the third angel's message were never more precious than at this time; never have I so profoundly sensed the vital significance of the Sab­bath reform, the judgment, the return of our Saviour, and all our distinctly doctrinal truths. No longer do I preach the mere theory of these truths; no longer do I incite to service meas­ured by a monetary gage. The living Christ has become my personal Friend, whose companionship grows more pre­cious as the days go by. It is my great­est delight to serve Him, and to get others to serve Him; and I know that I need not fear to stand in His pres­ence when He comes to take His children home.                             

A pastor.

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A pastor.

October 1928

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