Trenchant Truths

There is nothing sadder or more tragic than the, moral lapse of a min­ister of God.

L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

Let us preach for a verdict.

Service is not the condition, but the consequence of salvation.

Motion is not necessarily progress. One can move in a circle, and not make progress.

Ignorance Is the mother of intoler­ance. And intolerance, in turn, is the father of persecution.

Undernourishment and lack of ex­ercise are the twin reasons for the spiritual anemia often painfully evi­dent.

It is not the cross, but the Man of the cross; not the Book, but the Per­son of the Book; not the message, but the Christ of the message, that saves. 0, keep the eye on Him!

True harmony and unity is the fruit­age of the Spirit. It is not the result of compromises on one hand, or of adjustments produced by mechanical pressure on the other.

Paternalism crushes initiative, re­tards the development of leaders, and creates leaners, in the ecclesiastical as well as the civil realm. Centralization is a peril to be avoided.

There is an unsatisfied spiritual in­stinct in every human breast. It may be neglected or repressed, but it can be awakened. Thus has God prepared the heart soil for the operation of the Holy Spirit through His human am­bassadors.

God help us to keep the balance be­tween profession, life, and service.

Do our members hear the rattle of human machinery, or the operation of the Spirit of God?

Some men are more concerned about what people think of their sermons than about what they think of the Christ they profess to preach.

The overt act of sin is but an index of a latent inward condition. Let us in the cure of souls deal with inner needs. It is useless to patch up ex­ternals if corruption lurks within.

There is nothing sadder or more tragic than the, moral lapse of a min­ister of God. It is a disgrace to him­self, a travesty upon his calling, a hu­miliation to the church, a stench in the nostrils of the world, and an in­sult to God. Let it not be named among us.

The passing of the well-thumbed Bible is one of the most alarming trends of the times in our churches. Under the rush and crush of modern life, intense personal Bible study is passing. Let Seventh-day Adventists be known as Bible lovers, Bible stu­dents, Bible Christians, and Bible champions.

Every strong conference should be the training camp of ministerial re­cruits. Disability, age, death, and the needs of the mission fields are draining our supply of preachers faster than produced. Every ordained minister was once an inexperienced and un­known quantity. We were given an opportunity by some one who had con­fidence enough in us to take the risk. God bless our on-coming preachers.

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L.E.F. is editor of the Ministry

November 1928

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