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November 1937


Qualifications for Foreign Missionaries*

What are the qualifications for foreign missionaries?

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Delving into the Word

The principles and practice of preaching.

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The Background of Volume VIII (Concluded)

Our continued series on the background of the writings of Ellen White

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Second Tithe, and Wine

What is the meaning of Deuteronomy 14:26?

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Editorial Keynotes

Loyalty—The Blue Ridge Convention Keynote

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The Blue Ridge Educational Convention

The Blue Ridge resolution.

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Securing and Holding an Audience*

Securing and holding an audience is essential for successful evangelism.

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Field Training School Developments—No. 2

Our Southern Union field training school efforts are to be held in the early spring each year, from about February 15 to May 15, so that the conferences will not be deprived of the help of the young workers during In-gathering time.

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Advanced Training for Our Ministers

Great tasks are before every Seventh-day Adventist preacher, tasks which will tax to the utmost the mental and physical powers. We are responsible to God for the use of the gifts He has given us.

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Religious Trends in India No. 1

There is little atheism, or antireligion, in India. The Indian has great respect for religion; and he does almost everything reli­giously.

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Editorial Postscripts

From the Ministry back page.

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