A Valuable Seminary Contribution

Student appreciations of the class in methods of evangelism.

By the Ministry staff.

A noteworthy contribution toward the evangelistic efficiency of this movement has recently been made by our Theological Seminary at Washington, D.C., through its class in methods in evangelism, now offered in both summer and winter quarters. Its exceptional value is attested by the following appreciative expres­sions by students of the initial class, just ended. These students represent evangelistic, Pastoral, executive, and departmental lines in eight divisions of the world field. Eminently practical, this course is not based on theory, but on tried and successful experience. And this class is but one of the many valuable offerings of the seminary to our worker body. We hope that a strong, paralleling course in more effective Bible-worker training may be added in due time, and that the chief contribution of this institution of God's planting may ever be the intensive and reverent study of those great fundamental platform truths that make us what we are—the sanctuary, the second advent, prophetic interpretation, the Spirit of prophecy, and the conditional immortality of man. These illimitable truths we have not yet really begun to compass, much less to exhaust. They beckon us, and challenge us. And taken altogether, with that comprehensive group of valuable stand­ard courses already available, they provide the highest impetus and inspiration Possible for finishing the, allotted task of the advent ministry. This unsolicited urge is written because this journal believes a large summer class from all sections of the world field should be enrolled for the evangelistic class and related courses in the coming summer period. Plan now for this great privilege.—Editor.

Longing Answered.—I have been longing for a course like this for twenty-five yeafs. I believe it answers the need of the hour.—W. A. Ernenputsch, Minister, Austral Union, South America.

New Interest.—This course has given me a new vision of the work, and created a consuming desire for a new consecration and a deeper experience. It has created a new interest in, and a new love for, the work. I am sure it will be of great value in my future work.—G. Gudmundsen, Teacher, Nor­way.

Preparatory Organization.—I believe the greatest value of this course in evangelism has been the emphasis placed upon thorough preparation and detailed organization. Lack of these two essentials is the greatest weakness in many evangelistic efforts. I plan, in future efforts, to have better organization of the preparatory work, as well as to carry forward a stronger campaign and do more effective follow-up work.—W. D. Frazee, Evangelist, Oklahoma.

Mission Application.—Although many of the de­tails followed in organizing and conducting evan­gelistic efforts in America cannot be applied to our work overseas, except as they are adapted and modi­fied, yet this course has brought me the excellent basic principles which apply everywhere, and has given me a supply of ideas which will be of im­mense help as I return to the mission field.—E. A. Moon, Superintendent, Malayan Union Mission.

Eminently Practical.—For some years it was my privilege to be in administrative work in India where it was my duty to train and supervise in­digenous workers in evangelism. Although the peo­ple and certain conditions are different, the under­lying principles of this type of work are the same the world around. If I could have had such a de­tailed course as the one just completed, how great a help it would have been. Courses in evangelism are not new, but I have never heard of a coin-se where actual detailed methods were presented and discussed. These are not theories, but methods that have been proved by the experience of many years.—Donald W. Hunter, Chaplain, Washington S'ani­tarium.

Universal Principles.—I feel sure that having taken this course, I shall be better able to help our Indian evangelists. While many of the methods could not be used in the vernacular work, yet the principles are the same and can be applied.—H. D. Strever, Missionary, Southern Asia.

Questions Answered—This course has been the most valuable thing I have ever had either in or out of school. It has answered hundreds of ques­tions that have been passing through my mind since I began in the work. I hope that every young min­ister will sometime have the privilege I have had in taking this course.—N. R. Dower, Minister, East Pennsylvania Conference.

Enthusiasm Stimulated.—Not only from the standpoint of methods of labor, but also from the spiritual help received, has this class in evangelism meant much to me. I purpose to forward the work of evangelism with greater enthusiasm in our union. —Nathan F. Brewer, Superintendent, East China Union.

Vision Enlarged.—If there were no other course taught in the seminary, I believe it would pay any­one to make the trip here for this alone. It has given me a greater vision of the work to be done, and .convinced me that we have only touched with our finger tips the great field of evangelism. I am going back to my field to put some of these prin­ciples, suggestions, and new methods of approach into practice.—W. R. Archbold, Evangelist, Iowa Conference.

Outlets Indicated.—Without doubt, this class has afforded me more information of a practical nature and pointed to more outlets for increased efficiency in the service of God than any other course it has been my privilege to enter. As a pastor, I under­stand to a greater degree than ever before, why Paul admonishes laborers to "do the work of an evangelist."—W. B. Hill, Pastor, Washington, D.C.

Newly Implemented.—The class in methods of evangelism has awakened my mind to a greater need for evangelism, put in my heart a determination to do more and better soul-winning work, given me new implements for •the warfare against the evil one, and sharpened the ones already possessed.—LeRoy Hunter, Missionary, Southern Asia.

Definite Help.—I have received a new desire to be a real evangelistic worker, and to give the third angel's message to others. I have learned definite ways of doing this work, and I know these ways will be a help to me in my Bible work.—Thelma A. Smith, Bible Worker, China.

Supreme Business.—If worldly business con­cerns recognize the importance of studying methods of efficiency, then it certainly is true that we who are engaged in the most important business in the world need all the more to seek for a knowledge of the most efficient methods in the great business of soul winning. This course in evangelism has been a great stimulus to me, and has opened before me possibilities for a more efficient work.--W. A. Wild, Principal, Central American Union Academy.

Greatly Appreciated.—Having dedicated my life to China, I greatly appreciate the instruction and inspiration received in this class, and trust that God will help in a special way in bringing a deeper burden and spirit for evangelism into the China Division, and all the world field.—S. L. Frost, Secre­tary, China Division.

Practical Value.—The course has been of real personal value to me as an evangelist. The course, to my mind, has touched on all the vital things con nected with evangelism, and I feel that it was worth the time spent at the seminary if I had taken no other course—Relsben H. Nightingale, Evangelist, Southern, California Conference.

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By the Ministry staff.

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